Assessing Your Life and Purpose!

Is it hard for you to tear yourself away from work each day? If you didn’t make a dollar in your profession would you couch surf or dip into your savings to continue on your current path? If the answer is no then you are not alone  I have polled many   friends, family and colleague’s and asked this very same question and was surprised at the answers of many. Doctors have confessed they  desired to be truck drivers, Accountants  have confessed a desire to be  hairstylist’s and  VP’s of companies have dreams  of entrepreneurship.. so what happened?  The same thing that happened to me ,you  and countless others and the reason why you are still reading  this post “Life Happened”.  Maybe it was  the house, the car, early career decisions, or all the time and effort  you  put  into your current path that has frightened  you to change directions  or maybe it is the fact that you are unsure of your purpose  and don’t want to make a mistake.

To find your purpose  listen to the clues and nudges of the universe  and be obedient. 

This is my first blog post today  I professed  at the beginning of 2016 to a select few of my closest friends that I wanted to start this journey but at the moment it was just a dream.  However; I must confess  the universe spoke to me several times this week , I tried to ignore the voice  but the voice grew louder and loader and here we are one  website purchase later  excited about the possibilities of this new endeavor. Earlier this week  I had U-tube auto play on and  my first whisper  came from the universe when  Sadguru  a famous Indian Yogi began to play in my headphones.   As I began to listen intently  he spoke on life’s lessons, immortality, dream making and so forth  which sparked my interest  however; what am I supposed to be doing I asked myself? Then all at once a series of events began to occur within a hour. First  I decided to update my Instagram settings to public  and  a random stranger started following me.  Next  out of curiosity I clicked on  the person’s profile which eerily  reminded me so much of myself   at first glance and  upon further investigation I discovered she had a newly created blog exactly what I had been flirting with since the beginning of the year.  In  that very  moment I knew I must be obedient and  I immediately started my research on blogs and by the end of the day I had purchased a website.

” If We Just Take a Moment to Look Around,We Would Find That the Universe is in Constant Communication With Us” Alexandria Hotmer- Spiritual Teacher

Be the Change  that you believe the World needs. 

So  what’s next? Don’t over think  your purpose because the task  can be overwhelming I know  that I have always felt the most fulfilled whenever  I felt as though I was making a difference  in some kind of way.   The world has so many issues  that need to be resolved, police brutality, global warming,more innovative cell phones,  a fifth lane on the expressway etc . The next time  you identify a problem that you  wish didn’t exist   or speaks to your  inner being;   be present, it is the universe whispering to you  and that is your life’s purpose.I see many people  trying to figure out this thing called life just as I am so I feel the world needs a place to assist with that task  so this blog will be my contribution to society and this unfulfilled need.

Capitalize on your Hobbies and Dream the Biggest Dream you can.

So now that you see  what is needed in the world, have listened to the universe  the next step is to go forth and  begin to tackle that task in the  most feasible way possible .  However;  dream the biggest dream possible  and think of a way to to capitalize and make a living  simultaneously while contributing to society.  No one is going to buy into your purpose except for you so begin to  take small steps  yoursef and  if you don’t have the means to jump head first start small but keep the goal in mind of eventually having your newfound life’s purpose be your main focus and career path in the future.  .  For me writing this blog today is my attempt at this ideal, I see a need  and hopefully I can  help someone and  create a revenue stream as well in this endeavor.

Don’t conform to what Society says you should be doing at any stage of your life.

Yes you have a degree in Anthropology  but  if  you see  that the world needs more youth centers in  your community research the problem , be obedient, be the change the world needs, capitalize on the issue and dream  the biggest dream possible. To often we gloss over   what our purpose in life is or what the Universe wants us to be doing tying to conform to society. We are told after High School you must go  to college, you must be married by a certain age  or take these steps to be successful  in your career which  is all rubbish. Just know there are no blueprints  for a successful life  we are all  figuring things out as we  go along. One thing that is a fact though  is  we get one shot in life and we should all  live fearlessly, seek out our purpose, listen to the universe, dream bid  and just  try to at least  make the world a lot better than how we found it.

What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.- Maya Angelou

The universe told me there are a lot of people  figuring this thing of life out just like you and I and there was a need for a space to  share stories  and lessons of life.The fear and societal pressures  screamed :” You are not a writer” and that is not  the path you have been on for the past 20 years. Nonetheless; I am listing to the universe,  being the change that I see is needed, dreaming the biggest dream I can for this blog and no longer conforming and I hope my blog will be a tool for readers.

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