Life advice Discovered from Ladies 40ish

We all have tidbits of knowledge  we have gained on our different journeys in life  but  the truth is we are all just playing guessing games, stumbling, falling, and sometimes soaring in the decisions and choices we make.

“Dearly beloved since  we  are all  gathered here to get through this thing called life.” – Prince .

The advice of ladies in their 40s was solicited  on lessons learned as  they   navigate through this life  “thang”. Both ladies  reside in different cities and   have different marital status’ and life paths so each persons  take on what  is most important comes from different journeys, struggles and  environments.  It ‘s so intriguing to discover what  values people hold dear  to their hearts… below is the perspective of two  individuals.img_20180721_164541

 The advice of Mrs. Robinson

  1. ” Never let someone dim your light, stay true to yourself, and love exactly who you are” . Oftentimes we make  apologies for our personalities  and quirks and try  to shrink and adjust ourselves for others which life has taught her not to do.
  2. “Too much is given much is required”. Give openly and freely  with no strings attached and the universe will send those things right back to you.”
  3. ” Always have you own money, and never be in a position to need someone.” The greatest feeling is to be able to be self-sufficient and not rely on anyone.
Ms. Strickland, Atlanta resident and mother of one daughter.

 The advice of Ms. Strickland

  1.  ” It could always be you.” Oftentimes we pass judgement on other’s situations  and circumstances however; life is fast changing and you may find yourself in that same situation in the future so don’t be quick to pass judgement.
  2. “Always honor your commitment” If you leave a company, relationship,  social group  or whatever , make sure that you have honored all  the commitments that you all agreed upon before departing.
  3. “Stick with it!” Oftentimes we start a new endeavor and when things are not appearing fruitful we abandon the ship.  Try to stick with the idea or endeavor  for a reasonable amount if time, ….the tricky part is knowing when  to cut your losses.

Truth is  there is no right or wrong way to navigate through life,  and each of us are learning  lessons through   individual  experiences, circumstance  and  tools life has given you. The beauty in these life lessons lies is sharing  what you have  learned.  . What lessons have  you learned  in your life journey? Please  share below.

If you get, give. If you learn, teach.  – Maya Angelou

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