Discoveries from Running

Running is a big deal in adulthood  whether it is  a 7  or 14 minute mile both are  the same distance and something you should be proud of. Running is  big deal not only  for the cardio  benefits but also because it  forces adults  to do two important things in life.   One, challenge yourself to be better and two , to be bold and courageous.  I started running later in life and although I  cuss during each mile I am grateful  for the  lessons it has shown me.

Become Unabashed

Lets face it! you really have  to give Zero F%#ks about what people think  about  you when running, something that  many people have trouble with at all stages in life. You will get looks from fellow runners judging your  stride and speed and weight. Plus you have the added problem of  onlookers and drivers who see you as a nuisance as you  cross the street or brush past them on the sidewalk. Nonetheless running helps you put those fears away and focus on your goal  for that day. Something that we all need to practice with as we tackle the larger goals we set forth in our lives. Don’t worry about what others think and their judgement just get your goals accomplished!

Be in competition with yourself.

Lets face it! the  majority of  us runners are never going to win a marathon, or a 5k. However; we are always checking our stats and competing with the previous run or race.  As we  go through life’s journey  we  should put this  into practice  more often.  Instead of comparing our lives to others who started at the same “starting line” as us we should focus more on  the   race  of life itself and the people cheering us on  along  the way. Compete with yourself , to live better, and a be a better person than you were the previous year, month or day.

It is the everyday things that you do in life such as running  that  can teach you  some valuable life lessons  such as the ones above…. all  you  just have to listen. Happy Running! 


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